A History of Bisque

Bisque was founded in 1979 by Geoffrey Ward and John Gordon, who started out as plumbers and bathroom installation professionals. Geoffrey was travelling across Europe when he discovered a variety of attractive towel radiators and the idea of Bisque was born. Geoffrey returned to the UK full of ideas for new pioneering radiator designs.

They opened a shop in Kilburn, which is still open today as a London showroom. The bright colours and unusual shapes quickly caught the eye of interior designers and stylish home owners across the Country and Bisque quickly became a leader in the market.

Today the company continues to manufacture attractive radiators, which transform rooms by creating a unique focal point. The current range includes both timeless classics and a growing variety of energy efficient designs, which are found everywhere from Highgrove House to The Shard.

The Company Ethos

Bisque were the first company to bring designer radiators to the UK market. Since the company began, the aim has always been to pioneer beautiful yet practical radiators, by creating a variety of unique styles, finishes and colour options. The Bisque range of radiators is ever-changing, as the designers are always searching for the latest innovations in design, materials and technology.


Towel Radiators

The Bisque towel radiators are what made this company famous, and their latest designs are something to be proud of. Although firm favourite the Archibald is still available, new ranges such as the Alban, Blok, Chime and the Classic are paving the way for the future. Their designs range from sleek, stainless steel radiators, which are perfect for modern homes, to classic designs with new complementary details.


General Purpose Radiators

The Arteplano forms the basis of the Bisque range of general purpose radiators, and is available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit your interior requirements. From unique, hand-etched brass finishes to the 2000 colour options, you are guaranteed to find something which suits your style. The decorative panel range is another popular option for many homes and buildings, the practical but unobtrusive style makes them a flexible option for a variety of property interiors.

Electric Radiators

Many of the Bisque range of radiators are available as electric options, to offer timeless versatility for all types of properties. One of the most common electric options is the classic style with its integral welded legs and array of bespoke colour options. The flow form radiators are becoming a very popular option for buildings with large expanses of floor to ceiling glass.

Bespoke Radiators

Although Bisque provide over 300 radiators as standard, they know how important it is for customers to find the perfect radiator. The bespoke service offers over 5000 additional sizes for a variety of ranges, which are all individually made to order. Whether you are looking for curved, angled, coloured or uncoated radiators, Bisque are able to find the ideal solution for your property.


The Manufacturing Process

Since Bisque was formed, the company have continued to revolutionise the manufacture of radiators. Many of the radiators are manufactured from recycled aluminium, which heats quickly and responds rapidly to changes in temperature and energy consumption.

Once the design and manufacturing process is complete, customers have the option of a lacquered bare metal or coloured finish. It is the individuality of Bisque radiators which makes them unique. So, all radiators are available with a wide variety of colours as standard, but there is also an exact colour match service available.

Bisque work hard to bring the latest trends to their radiator designs, so are offering a variety of hand-finished options this year. The most popular option at the moment is the Rustique finish, which is achieved through an oxidation process. The base iron metal is sprayed with an initial base coat, and a water solution is then gradually applied to produce a stylish rust effect, with a unique finish.

The valve design is also a key consideration in the design process. All Bisque radiators are fitted with top-quality manual or thermostatic valves from Europe's leading valve manufacturers. When planning your new radiator installation, it is advisable to also plan the pipework with your plumber in advance to install a seamless design which lives up to your expectations.


If you are looking for radiators with a long guarantee, Bisque are market leaders. The Tetro range is supplied with a 15 year warranty, while stainless steel options are given a 10 year warranty. All other ranges have an industry leading 5 year guarantee, with electric heating elements provided with a 2 year guarantee.

Featured designers

When Bisque first started designing radiators, Paul Draper, a well-known artist and designer, helped revolutionise what was once a standard plumbing item into an attractive, interior design piece. Over the years Bisque have continued to engage with a selection of both established designers and fresh new talent, to create quality, unique radiator designs.

Notable designs include the Archibald radiator, which was designed by Leo Salzedo and the etched copper Arteplano, which was listed as one of the 'Coolest Things in the World' by GQ magazine. If you are looking for a radiator which looks more like a work of art, the Hot Spring radiator designed by Priestman Goode is a dramatic and revolutionary design.

If you would like to learn more about the range of Bisque radiators, our team are always available to answer your queries.