The trend-setting style and innovative design of the Hansgrohe brand, boasting over 400 international awards for its creativity, aesthetics and quality, sits comfortably on the world stage as one of the top bathroom design specialists on the market. Founded in 1901, Hansgrohe has built its reputation for over a century based on its commitment to quality: the quality of its products, design, manufacturing and customer service.

Hansgrohe believes that a commitment to quality demands an energy-efficient design that should never have a negative impact on the environment. With this in mind, Hansgrohe's innovative Coolstart, Ecosmart and Airpower technology are defined by their energy saving and environmentally friendly features that complement, rather than compromise, the brand's premium label. If you are looking for a brand that is always one step ahead in terms of style, boasting some of the latest technology innovations, highly recognised in the industry and all the while maintaining its reputation for top quality products and service, then Hansgrohe is the brand for you.

Hansgrohe's award-winning designers

Several of Hansgrohe's product designers, including Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Patricia Urquiola, were listed as among the 25 best in their craft in 2009 by a highly-qualified and world renowned judging panel. The Hansgrohe brand also boasts designs from Phoenix Design, Front Design, Nendo and Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. With over 500 awards to its name, Hansgrohe bathroom products are distinctive, stylish and eye-catching while remaining true to Hansgrohe's commitment to high quality and emphasising its green company status.

Time, energy and environment saving technology


Hansgrohe recognises that water is a precious resource that needs to be handled economically and carefully. Ecosmart technology adds air to water and boasts of a special flow limiter, this leads to a reduction in water consumption of up to 60% in comparison to other conventional brand designs on the market.


The addition of air into the water supply makes the water feel softer and creates a plumper drop. This means that a Hansgrohe shower feels more luxurious than a brand using conventional technology. This design feature also significantly reduces water usage, therefore adding to the environmentally friendly credentials of the Hansgrohe brand.


Hansgrohe have fitted their shower jets with flexible silicone nozzles. This means that the shower head remains clean for longer and is easily wiped without the need to scrub. This innovative design will increase the functionality and lifespan of your bathroom without compromising on its distinctive, sleek appearance.


Conventional flow heaters and circulation pump automatically begin producing hot water as soon as the mixer is turned on in the middle position. Hansgrohe's Coolstart technology means that its taps will only fill with cold water until the tap is moved to the left.

Select Technology

One touch of a button can change the jet type of your shower or allow you to switch between your overhead or handheld shower with ease. Select technology provides simple luxury in any bathroom.


Hansgrohe's showers come in a variety of styles to suit any taste. Whether you are looking for an avantgarde feel to your master, a classic concept in your ensuite or a modern twist to your downstairs WC, Hansgrohe has the perfect design for your needs. The huge variety of designs available are complemented by a wide range of options per design including 16 different spray modes, numerous shower head sizes and massage functions, all at the touch of a button.

Whether you are looking for a round head or smooth corners, for a chrome finish or shimmering chrome with a white spray disc, Hansgrohe has an option for you. Choose between the elegant Crometta range with Quickclean technology, the award-winning Raindance series with Airpower and Select button controls, or the award-winning Ecosmart smooth cornered Puravida, and you are sure to have a high quality, eye-catching, statement bathroom with the added functionality of the most modern technological innovations available.

Shower sets

After choosing your shower head model, Hansgrohe also provides a range of shower bars, with 65cm and 90cm options available as standard, or the Unica' E with its incredible 150cm length. The Unica' E also comes with a glass shelf to hold all your shower toiletries and the Unica Comfort acts as a grab bar, offering TUV-tested safety. Whatever your requirements may be, the functionality of Hansgrohe's designs never undermines its attention to detail.

Bathroom Mixers, Basins and Baths

Whether you are looking for an avant-garde, modern or classic design, Hansgrohe will have the eye-catching style you are looking for. Perhaps you are seeking a smaller feature basin and tap with an elegant feel for a WC, or a striking, modern, spacious bath with raised taps or the perfect feature washbasin with Hansgrohe's ComfortZone design, providing extra space for additional functionality for tasks such as washing hair. Simply choose a model with Hansgrohe's Coolstart and Ecosmart technology as an energy saving and eco-friendly investment with air added to your water, creating plumper, softer water to allow you to relax and unwind in your own luxury bathroom.



From shower panels and towel hooks to wall lamps, Hansgrohe has a range of accessories to add that extra element of style to any bathroom.

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