Thanks to its commitment to timeless, innovative functional solutions, sustainability and the durability of its products, Keuco has grown since its establishment in 1953 to become a market leader in every aspect of bathroom design. Remaining a family-run business, Keuco prides itself on its German heritage; maintaining high standards in design, craftsmanship and manufacturing.

From the classic yet minimalist Royal range to the Reddot award winning Edition 11 range with its handle-free touch to open features, Keuco is consistently one step ahead. Keuco is a full-service premium brand, so whether you are looking for a full suite offering seamless design from bath to shower, basin to furniture, towel rails to lights, the brand has the perfect option for you.

Keuco's innovative designers recognise that many of their customers are seeking bathrooms that are accessible without compromising on style. Its designers are constantly striving to create new aesthetically-pleasing bathroom fittings and furniture while seeking solutions to make sure that every person, regardless of their needs, can find an accessible yet elegant bathroom that will fit perfectly into the style of their home. From support rails or sliding rails to the backrest and shower seats, Keuco have an elegant solution for your needs.

Taps and showers

With Keuco's taps and showers you are guaranteed that from start to finish, the sustainability of vital resources has been carefully considered. From the very beginning of the process, Keuco ensures that the materials used in your product have been sourced responsibly so you can rest assured that your product is eco-friendly. Water is also a treasured resource that needs to be managed wisely. With this in mind, Keuco's designers are constantly striving to find ways to make their tap and shower fittings as economical with water as possible, without impacting on either the look or the functionality of their products.

Keuco products are designed to be timeless, elegant and functional. Whatever your requirements, you will find the products you need in one of Keuco's award-winning ranges. Each range comes in a variety of styles, so whether you are looking for a modern polished black finish or an understated yet eye-catching brushed nickel, chrome or bronze, Keuco has the perfect option for you. Hand showers, overhead showers and even the incredible Keuco waterfall shower will all fit perfectly in any bathroom design.

IXMO System - less is more

The IXMO System provides an innovative, aesthetically-pleasing minimalist, yet practical answer to all your bathroom needs. The IXMO system combines your single-lever mixer or thermostat with a variety of multifunctional elements, including the option of incorporating different water channel connections. This greatly reduces the fittings you require, producing a sleek, compact design. Each individual fitting can also be freely fitted giving you a range of design options to help you create your perfect bathroom.


Metime-Spa allows you to combine all your fittings into one multi-functional fittings panel, with additional storage options. Innovative, elegant and compact, this incredible range brings a real sense of luxury to any bathroom suite.

Washbasins and bathroom furniture

Whether you are looking for modern bathroom furniture like the award-winning Edition 11 with handle-free push to open features or the Royal range with its sleek minimal design, Keuco has the perfect option for you. All of Keuco's ranges come in a variety of finish options so, whether you want the crisp, modern feel of a white gloss finish or the classic elegant feel of a matt cashmere, the Keuco brand have the perfect finish for you.

Accessible bathrooms

Keuco does not believe that you need to compromise on style in order to produce an accessible bathroom. Its sleek and elegant accessible solutions include supporting, corner and sliding rails as well as backrests and shower seats. All of its innovative solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into your bathroom suite. Any additional support you may need does not have to come at the expense of a timeless, beautiful design.



Finishing touches are extremely important, and Keuco have thought of everything to make sure that your bathroom is completed to the highest specifications with the seamless incorporation of any accessory you might desire. From towel rails to lights, incorporated storage or freestanding solutions, Keuco have a vast array of options available. From the Edition 11 Reddot design award 2012 winning range to the classic Astor or the modern chic City 2, you will find everything you need with Keuco.


h2o Bathrooms

At h2o Bathrooms, we recognise the importance of getting your bathroom right. We will be with you through the whole process, from design to installation. Our highly trained and experienced design team will help you create your perfect bathroom oasis. We understand that you may have specific requirements that will need to be incorporated seamlessly into your design, and will ensure that your bathroom is practical without compromising on style. Once you have chosen your perfect bathroom and have worked with our design team to incorporate it into your home, we will take care of sourcing everything you need and organise a time that suits you to have your new bathroom installed. Our installation team will work with you to make sure your bathroom is completed to the highest standards with minimal distribution to your everyday life.

Visit our showroom to view the innovative, timeless designs and remarkable German craftsmanship of the Keuco brand and speak to our expert staff about your specific requirements today.