A premium lifestyle brand, Villeroy and Boch is a European company that proudly celebrates its roots but also knows when to change and adapt to the times quickly without losing their sense of identity.

With avant-garde and contemporary products and interiors, Villeroy and Boch aim to be an inspiration to people with an eye for the good things in life. The future is here for deeply individual interior design.

History of the company

Villeroy and Boch started in 1748 as a ceramics producer. However, they soon expanded to become a lifestyle brand encompassing bathroom, wellness and tableware products. With over 270 years of experience, Villeroy and Boch makes good use of that experience but is also careful to adapt to rapidly changing times and consumer tastes. With this potent combination, they have become one of the premier names in European luxury.

Today, Villeroy & Boch maintain their historical headquarters in the Old Abbey, a former Benedictine monastery which was acquired by Jean-Francois Boch in 1809. This grand dame is located in the town of Mettlach, Germany, and is open for visitors to wander through and take in the fantastic history either by themselves or through informative and fascinating tours.

What Villeroy and Boch stands for

It’s hard not to be proud of tradition when a company is over 270 years old. But Villeroy and Boch aren't mired in the past, it is always looking to evolve by balancing tradition with innovation. The secret to this balancing act lies in research, knowing what their customers are looking for, and taking it one step further to designing products that their customers didn’t even know they were looking for.

Villeroy and Boch take pride in providing a luxury experience to their clients, and in providing inspiration for beautiful forward-thinking design. Their products are designed not only to wow but also to blend aesthetic appeal with functionality, and to stand the test of time.

The Mettlach Tiles

Perhaps one of the most iconic products from Villeroy and Boch is the Mettlach tile, a design that was first produced in 1852 and continues to be manufactured to this day. It is named after the town the company has its headquarters in.

This tile design has had an illustrious history, having been chosen to decorate the train cabin of Nicholas II of Russia, as well as the interiors of the infamous Titanic.

Mettlach designs are mosaic-like and echo the Roman floor that Eugene von Boch restored in the same year that Villeroy and Boch started producing Mettlach tiles. Their value lies not only in their gorgeous design but also in their manufacturing process which ensures that the tiles are resistant to both cold and acid, and retain their vibrant colours decades after they are first installed. A favourite use of them is to create a mosaic ‘carpet’, to be laid down in entrance hallways and terraces.

Award-winning innovations

Despite being a company with long historical roots, Villeroy and Boch are hardly content to rest on its laurels. Instead, the company thinks about ways to innovate constantly, redesigning and improving their technology. This forward-thinking attitude has not only won them many fans but also prestigious awards like the Red Dot Design award and the iF Product Design award. These innovations include but are not limited to:


The bathroom can be one of the most germ-filled places in the house - and that’s why this innovation tackles the problem at the source. Silver ions are embedded into the glaze of both bathroom ceramics and toilet seats, which help suppress bacterial growth by more than 99.9%. Because the antibacterial effect is embedded in the glaze, house owners can be assured that AntiBac will last for the entire service life of the product.



The bathroom can be a difficult place to clean. But CeramicPlus can certainly make it easier, by ensuring that dirt and scale don’t stick to it in the first place. This coating helps ceramic surfaces stay pristine with much less effort, and is durable against both acid and alkaline cleaners.


Conventional rimmed toilets pose a problem when it comes to scrubbing them totally clean. DirectFlush eliminates that problem by simply doing away with the rim, but also being able to avoid splash while flushing. Despite the change in flushing system, it is also ecological and uses only 3 to 4.5 litres of water per flush.


A seamless combination of quartz stone and acrylic resin, Quaryl is a beautiful and exceptionally strong material that lends itself well to unusual aesthetics in the bathroom and which can be shaped via a high-precision casting process. Aside from being shock-proof and scratch resistant, Quaryl is also a great heat insulator and has a pleasingly warm touch to the skin.


Say hello to a chic new age bathroom style with the Architectura MetalRim. This innovation allows for a shower tray that sits flush to the floor, enabling a sleek aesthetic with its glossy acrylic surface. With 31 designs to choose from, the MetalRim easily suits a variety of bathrooms and needs. What’s more, in 2014 the Architectura MetalRim shower tray snagged the Red Dot Design award.

Invisible Jets

Tired of settling into a whirlpool tub only to endure protruding jets that stick into your back while you’re trying to relax? That won’t be a problem with Villeroy and Boch’s Invisible Jets. When installed, these jets are unnoticeable, flush to the wall of the tub, until they’re activated. And because they lie flat against the wall, they’re easy to clean. Changing the direction of the water jets is also a snap.


Meet the designers

In its quest for excellence, quality and comfort, Villeroy and Boch employ and collaborate with a lineup of highly skilled designers who are all renowned in their own right. Here’s a peek at a couple of them:

Patrick Frey

The artistic eye behind the Finion collection, Patrick Frey is an international award-winning designer who not only has his own studio but currently lectures in Hanover at the University of Applied Sciences and Art. His designs are clear-cut but draw from the environments we live in and place an emphasis on utility and comfort.

Gesa Hansen

Germany’s Young Designer of the Year 2014, Gesa Hansen is an accomplished designer with a penchant for elegance and style. Her aesthetic is a blend of her German and Danish heritage, and she is responsible for the strikingly lovely and fresh Artis collection.


Add the designers Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri together for an exciting studio called Something. Their work examines the spatial interaction between product and environment, and they constantly refine their designs and process. Their collection ViClean-L is an exercise in delicate and clean lines that meld beautifully with their environment.

Pick your collection

Whatever your vision for your bathroom, Villeroy and Boch boast a multitude of elegant, compelling collections that will suit your taste, whether it is rustic, romantic or city-chic. Here are a few ranges out of several fantastic collections, just to give you a taste of what’s possible:


Settle into a stylish, sleek atmosphere with the Finion range. This design set aims to recreate the high-flying city life with clean, elegant lines and utilises exceptional materials in its products like TitanCeram, which ensures longevity.

The real highlight of the Finion range lies in its illuminations: lights, cleverly hidden around the rims of mirrors and cabinets, give an ultimate city-luxe experience.



Hit minimalist buttons with Architectura’s refined, graceful designs. The Architectura range comprises a wide variety of products that are deliberately simple so as to fit in seamlessly with your bathroom, whatever the reigning decor may be.

The gem in this collection is probably the ultra-flat Architectura MetalRim shower tray, winner of the 2014 Red Dot Design award, and which will bring a new level of polish and style to your bathroom.



Artis allows you to easily saturate your bathroom with vibrant splashes of colour. Pastel colour blocking is an iconic look of the new century, and the Artis collection takes care to unite solid matte blocks with the delicacy of the thin-rimmed TitanCeram washbasins.

Choose your shade from 12 bold hues, and breathe exciting new life into your bathroom decor.



There’s no need to reach a compromise between price and quality, not when O.Novo is around. Armed with classic but practical and adaptive design, the O.Novo collection offers an elegant accompaniment to your bathroom interior. In line with other Villeroy and Boch lines, O.Novo boasts long-lasting, high-quality finishes that are easy to care for.

Restrained and uncomplicated, the O.Novo products offer distinct calibre at the right price.


Squaro Prestige

Reach for opulent old-fashioned European character with Squaro Prestige. With this collection, you can customise your bathtub to the umpteenth degree with real wood veneers or a natural leather finish. The process will take 32 hours, but the end product guarantees it will be worth every penny and minute.